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Patented (US Pat. No. 9630055) and trademarked brands of InHomeTrainer.com LLC.  PTbench made in the USA.

Free shipping in the continental US on mobile training packages and all individual/bulk accessories!  Shipping does apply to PTwall and PTbench orders.  All products except the PTbench can be ordered here.  To place an order for the PTbench call 309-838-2566.  Leave a message and we'll respond!

     The PTbench is a machine that can take the place of several others in a gym/clinic, or just be the only machine needed for home!  The bench weighs approximately 125lbs.  This means it's very stable, yet light enough to roll out of the way (for increased floor space etc).  The mobility also allows for easy use on courts, outdoor workouts, or on a track.

     The PTbench also pays for itself quickly.  With a small footprint and huge versatility, it's easy to train/rehab 2-6 people at once without leaving it (no more waiting for other machines or being limited to dumbbells and floor work for your groups)!   Finally, it's a draw for clients.  People want inspiring workouts and value their experience more when it's unique and productive!  Each PTbench costs $1,699.99 and includes:

16 PT-Bands (4 of each resistance level).

4 Handles

1 PT-Bar

1 PT-Belt

2 Foot Harnesses

2 Ankle Straps (these double as anchors when training without the machine).