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*Length - 65.99 (all in inches)
*Width - 31.76 (Fits through a stanard doorway).
*Resistance Arm Height - 40.44 
*Max center pad height - 32.87
*Total folding height - 24.76 (arm folds below). 
*If shipped, comes in 3 sections and bolts together easily.  If delivered in South Florida it comes fully assembled. 
*Manufactured by Rogue. Rolls and folds for a smaller footprint than a treadmill, rower, or recumbent bike. 100+ exercise options!



Wall Systems

(PTwall, PickleWall, SportWall, PilatesWall, & GolfWall) All "Wall" units are fundamentally the same in composition and size.  They are separated by unique accessory packages and specific exercise programming on individual  IG, FB, and YouTube pages.

PTwall final drawing.jpg

*Length - 82.25 inches
*Width - 3 inches
*Weight - 15 lbs
*Connect to the wall with 6 screws on a stud.
*20 rings per unit, 2 bands can connect to each ring.
*"Pro" versions mount 48 inches apart or 32 if needed.  Units may also be mounted horizontally.  
*Storage units mount to studs as well.  They are 18 inches long & 3 inches wide with two mounting holes 16 inches apart.
*Hardware included, takes 10 - 30 minutes to install based on skill level!

To try products or buy in person, visit our showroom at 618 SE 10th St. Deerfield Beach, FL.  33441.  Contact us first by booking online or dropping us a line at: 

309-838-2566  or   

Warranties For PTbench & Wall Systems:

PTbench Frame/Wall Systems - 5 year limited warranty.*

Structural welds (PTbench/Wall Systems) - 5 year limited warranty.*

PTbench upholstery - 90 day warranty.

All accessories for the PTbench or Wall Systems - 1 year warranty (bands, belts, handles, ankle straps, 3-ring harnesses, & bars).

*Warranty may be voided for any product which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, alteration, maintenance, storage, or handling by the user.  Any specific issues regarding a PTbench product with which the customer is not satisfied will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Make sure all wall systems and storage racks are securely mounted to studs.

Always make sure the PTbench pins are in entirely.

Always make sure the PTbench tightening screw is secure.

Be sure the carabiner clips are completely closed and not kinked or turned around inside the connection hole or wall ring.  If the carabiner is turned around and not in line with the band, it's possible it can disconnnect!  Keep slack out of the bands so there is always some tension where the carabiner and connector ring meet (on the wall units). 


Inspect the PTbench, wall systems, and all accessories for excessive wear before every workout.

Do not overly extend bands.  Stop the movement before you hit the end, it extends their life.   Doing this also takes pressure off of the wall systems or PTbench. 

Bands can break and are more likely to as they age, so it's not a bad idea to replace them once a year.  If a band should break, the sleeve over it will keep you safe from being snapped, but you could still lose balance if you don't maintain an athletic stance so always maintain a strong stance! 

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