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Subscribe to the PTwall YouTube channel for your own personal trainer or physical therapist with your PTwall!  Professionals pick up endless ideas on how to best use your PTwall!



PTwall "Pro"

The patented "PTwall" is not only a favorite tool of physical therapists and trainers, but it's also found in many homes!  Whether you are a professional or home user, learn new techniques on our PTwall YouTube channel!

PTwall  $425.  Includes:

1 wall unit, 1 storage rack, 8 bands (2 of each resistance level), 1 belt, 1 straight bar, & 2 ankle straps.

PTwall "Pro"  $625.  Includes:

2 wall units, 2 storage racks, 16 bands (4 of each resistance level), 1 belt, 1 bar, 2 ankle straps, & 2 foot harnesses.  For only $200 more, this set-up can offer more variety and accommodate more people at once!

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