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SportWall "Pro"


The "SportWall" and free online workouts ( coming soon) were developed to increase youth activity levels and help aspiring athletes excel in any sport!  Our products can be found in homes, physical therapy clinics, and gyms across the country!  Our goal with the SportWall is to get families moving together, and to see athletes reach their full potential by having tools to access at home (when they're not in the gym)!  Ideal for ages 12 - 22 but also great for adults! 

SportWall $425 Includes:
1 wall unit, 1 storage unit,  10 bands (4 yellow - the lightest), 2 red, 2 blue, & 2 black), 1 belt, 1 bar, 2 ankle straps & 1 carry bag for taking bands to the the court, field, or track. 

SportWall "Pro" $625 Includes:  2 wall units, 2 storage units, 16 bands (4 of each resistance level), 4 handles, 2 belts, 1 bar, 4 ankle straps, & carry bag for traveling with bands.  

Upgrading to the "Pro" allows for more resistance and range of motion because of the 2 units (presses, flys, rowing etc work better).   The "Pro" also allows for multiple athletes to train at once (more easily) and the added accessories means you have backup bands and more to travel with if you have several athletes in the home!  

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