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PilatesWall "Pro"

The "PilatesWall" is a total-body fitness device that uses our covered tubing that is similar in length and resistance to traditional spring resistance found in pilates training.  Along with our other attachments, many pilates exercises can be replicated!  Follow workouts for free right from our dedicated PilatesWall YouTube page!

PilatesWall - $425 Includes:
1 wall unit (each unit has 20 connector spots where multiple bands can attach), 1 storage unit, 8 bands (2 of each resistance level), 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, 2 foot harnesses, 1 belt, & 1 bar.  

PilatesWall "Pro" - $625 Includes:  2 wall units, 2 storage units, 16 bands (4 of each resistance level), 4 handles, 1 bar, 1 belt, 4 ankle straps, & 4 foot harnesses.  

Spending the extra $200 for the "Pro" version is a great idea for this pilates package simply because the floor work with 2 wall units allows for more range of motion than 1.  Also, multiple people can do floor work at once and of course you get more bands that come in handy when traveling etc.  

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