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GolfWall "Pro"


The "GolfWall" is the perfect golf strength training device for home because it takes virtually no space and offers endless versatility.  Most strength training should be done in the upright position and that is especially true for golf.  Our bands allow you to train explosively while working on balance/flexibility.   Find amazing free GolfWall guidance on our YouTube channel -

GolfWall - $425 Includes:
1 wall unit (20 connector rings for bands), 1 storage unit, 4 handles, 8 bands (2 of each resistance level), 1 belt, 1 bar, & 2 ankle straps.

GolfWall "Pro" - $625 Includes:
2 wall units, 2 storage units, 6 handles, 16 bands (4 of each resistance level), 2 ankle straps, 1 belt, & 1 bar.

The "Pro" option allows for more exercise versatility, more resistance, and it's easier for multiple people to train at once.  Plus, you have extra bands/accessories for traveling workouts. 

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