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     PTgolf is a unique group training class developed by an ACE certified trainer and avid golfer!  Much like PTtennis, PTgolf uses one or several PTbenches and/or mobile accessories.  PTgolf focuses on rotational strength/flexibility, balance, and endurance.  More importantly, PTgolf keeps people on the course longer by stengthening important muscle groups and joints! 

     PTgolf can be offered by country clubs, racquet clubs, and gyms!  The space PTgolf is offered can vary greatly.  Using PTbenches, it can be offered near a range, on a tennis court, or in a studio space.  Using our mobile products, the class can be offered along a fence, near the range, or any space a club can use our anchoring system!  Clubs and gyms that license PTgolf will recieve discounts on PTbench equipment (all of which can then be used by your members any time!)  Video examples coming soon of PTgolf classes!  Contact us to learn more about licensing or equipment purchases today!  Golfers, purchase a PTbench, mobile accessory package, or individual accessories to keep in your golf bag today!  Visit our SHOP page!

Call/Email to place an order as well. 



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