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       When most people think of "PT" in our society, they think of "physical therapy".  The two worlds of physical therapy and personal training are often closely linked.  We set out to develop a product that worked great in both environments.  The PTbench is adjustable countless ways with both the center pad and resistance arm adjusting 180 degrees.  This means that the center pad can be used as a seat while the client is doing a movement.  The machine comes with 16 PT-bands (with 4 different resistance levels) and a host of attachments.  The adjustability also allows for the therapists to completely showcase their skill set and creativity. 

      The PTbench crosses over from therapy to training seemlessly.  Transition from rehab to explosive training with one machine.  Mobile, small (66 inches long, 32 inches wide), efficient (1-6 clients using it at once), and extreme versatility make the PTbench an easy choice for most clinics!  Contact us if you're a franchise clinic with 10+ locations to see about trying a free demo machine! 

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