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         I'm ACE certified trainer and USPTA certified tennis professional Robert Runyan.  I'm the inventor of the PTbench.  The bench idea was concieved right here in my small training studio out of complete necessity.  I felt there were poor/unsafe anchoring options for the resistance band training I wanted to do.  Also, there seemed to be very little strength training equipment choices for tennis and golf athletes.   I also needed a machine that was small and efficient since I often do group training in my limited space (the PTbench can handle 4-6 at once).  Finally, I needed a machine that moved easy.  I wanted to be able to move the PTbench out of the way when I wanted space or actually roll it out to the tennis court with athletes (my studio is at a tennis club).   

     My clients and I both benefit from the PTbench.  I get to have more fun creating workouts and they recieve a totally unique experience! 

      I have a reputable manufacturer right here in the USA that has been building commercial grade machines for 25+ years - the craftsmanship shows!  The bench is sturdy and reassuring. 

     After using the PTbench for two years and trying it in various settings (PT clinics/other gyms), we've decided to bring it and our accessories to the marketplace.  Our target market is professionals first, but we love it when exercise enthusiasts adopt the PTbench way of training for themselves!  Contact us by phone to place an order to start building your PTbench today!  Or, order the mobile training packages and individual products right here on the site!  Large gyms and clinics (25+ locations) contact us if you're interested in trying a free demo machine for a two month period! 


INQUIRE: (309)838-2566

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