The newly patented "PTbench" and "PTwall" are the ultimate training tools developed for gyms, PT clinics, sport facilities, schools, and home!  Here are some of the highlights:

1. 100+ exercises (with either product) developed by trainers and therapists.

2. The PTbench comes assembled and rolls to wherever it's needed.  The PTwall bolts directly to wall studs with just 6 screws!  FREE SHIPPING ON ALL PRODUCTS!

3. Small footprints and huge versatility with either!

4. 400+ free workout videos online.  New videos added daily!

5. 86 anchor points on the PTbench, 40 anchor points with the PTwall "Pro" and 20 anchor points with the PTwall "Starter"! 

6. The PTbench and PTwall "Pro" Include:  16 bands, 4 handles, 1 straight bar, 1 belt, and 2 foot harnesses.  PTwall "Starter" includes:  8 bands, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, and 1 belt!