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Patented (US Pat. No. 9630055) and trademarked brands of InHomeTrainer.com LLC.  PTbench made in the USA.

The newly patented "PTbench" is the ultimate training device developed for gyms, PT clinics, schools, sport facilities and home!  Here are some of the highlights:

1. 100+ exercises designed by a trainer and coach.

2. Rolls to wherever it's needed - court, track, or turf! 

3. Small footprint - about the size of a recumbent bike!

4. 400+ free workout videos online (and growing).

5. 100 anchor points to connect our unique PTbands to.

6. Every machine includes:  16 PTbands, 4 Handles, 1 Straight Bar, 1 Belt, and 2 Foot Harnesses.  Add from there!

7. Train specifically for any sport on or near the court, track, or turf!  Machine designed and manufactured in the USA!          


$1,899.00 plus shipping/tax.