The newly patented "PTbench" is the ultimate training device developed for gyms, PT clinics, schools, sport facilities and home!  Here are some of the highlights:

1. 100+ exercises designed by a trainer and coach.

2. Rolls to wherever it's needed - court, track, or turf! 

3. Small footprint - about the size of a recumbent bike!

4. 400+ free workout videos online (and growing).

5. 100 anchor points to connect our unique PTbands to.

6. Every machine includes:  16 PTbands, 4 Handles, 1 Straight Bar, 1 Belt, and 2 Foot Harnesses.  Add from there!

7. Train specifically for any sport on or near the court, track, or turf!  Machine designed and manufactured in the USA!          


$1,699.00 plus shipping/tax. 

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Patented (US Pat. No. 9630055) and trademarked brands of LLC.  PTbench made in the USA.