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        PTstrong is an expert led group training class that uses 1-10 PTbenches, or "Partner Training" with PTbench accessories.  The class is fast paced, total-body strength training.   Each class strives to improve the strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance of the participants.  PTstrong classes also aim for symmetrical workouts where all muscle groups receive about the same amount of attention.  Classes can be slightly modified on any given day by the expert to focus more on certain muscle groups, or specific exercise components (more flexibility, explosiveness, balance, etc.).  

     Remember, each PTbench can comfortably support 4 users at once, so putting five machines in an open studio, gym, or court space means you can have 20 people in a class!  These classes are easy to sell at $10-$25 (per class) because people appreciate the value the equipment brings, the uniqueness of the class, and the cost savings value (when compared to personal training).  If your club doesn't have the resources for one or several PTbenches, doing "Partner Training" and purchasing the accessories in bulk (handles, bands, PTbelts, PT-Bars, 3-Ring Harnesses) to have a class is a nice alternative. 

     When the PTstrong class is finished, the expert simply rolls each machine to the wall or collects accessories to free up space in the studio (for whatever it may be used for next).  Also, the PTbenches can be moved out to the gym floor for everyone to use!  Your members will love the addition of both the class and machines in your building!   Contact us today about consulting your club and delivering products to get your class going!

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