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     The PTbench is a commercial grade piece of equipment used in gyms, clinics, schools, and academies across the country.   The very attributes that make it a great piece for such  establishments also makes it ideal for the home.   The footprint is small (5.5 feet long, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet tall when collapsed).  Of course the mobility (wheels and handles), and versatility also make the PTbench and amazing home workout machine!   Best of all, it's ideal for the entire family!  For example; Mom can work on her shape, dad can work on his strength, and junior can work on his pitching arm!  In fact, with the countless configurations, a family of 2-6 could all train at once on just one PTbench!  The machine can be as dynamic or as simple as you need it to be. 

     The PTbench comes assembled and if possible will be delivered and demonstrated by a trainer/associate.  Below is an example of a simple home workout where you can leave the attachments in the same spots and do a simple routine each day.  Hopefully though, you experiment and do many of the exercises seen in our free video library!   Contact us today to inquire about a live demonstration!  309-838-2566.

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