What makes a great trainer that keeps people coming back?  A unique experience that is effective!  The PTbench offers 100+ exercises covering every muscle group allowing a trainer to use the machine for entire workouts!  No more getting in the way of other gym patrons!  Our extensive resistance options and range of exercises means the machine works great with all fitness levels - elite athlete to senior citizen!  Watch your club/studio retention rate skyrocket with the addition of a PTbench! 

Arm In Bottom Setting
Arm A Few Up
Arm One Less Than Verticle
Arm Verticle
Arm One Down
Arm Two Down
Arm & Pad Flat Folded
Center Pad Down
Next Spot Up For Pad
Next To Verticle For Pad
Verticle Pad
Next Spot Back Down
Next Spot Down Yet (Pad)
Final Spot Down (Pad)
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Smaller Than A Bike!
All Accessories Come With!
Use this position to have several people doing straight bar squats.
With Accessories
Convienent Handles.
Center Connectors
More Connector Spots
Default Set-Up
Both Pad/Arm Verticle
Center Pad Adjustments
Resistance Arm Adjustment
24 Inches High Folded
Wheel End
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Dimensions of the PTbench!


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Patented (US Pat. No. 9630055) and trademarked brands of InHomeTrainer.com LLC.  PTbench made in the USA.