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     This page is meant to show you how our products are used on court.  We also want to take this time to talk about "PTtennis" which is a unique group training class developed by a USPTA tennis professional and ACE certified trainer.  The class is led by training or tennis experts at racquet clubs, country clubs, gyms, and studios.  PTtennis uses one or several PTbenches and/or PTbench mobile attachments.  Classes are held either on the tennis court or in a studio space.  Most classes will have an on-court tennis component for part of it but it's not necessary.    If your club already offers "cardiotennis", PTtennis builds on that foundation by focusing on strengthening players through tennis specific resistance movements!  Tennis footwork, balance, and rotational exercises are also part of PTtennis.  Most importantly, PTtennis is aimed at keeping your members healthy and strong so they can play better AND longer!

     Once a tennis club, country club, or gym adopts the class, it now possesses tennis-specific strength equipment for their members (Junior program/trainers/professionals etc) to use whenever PTtennis is not in session!  Contact us to learn about licensing PTtennis class or purchasing equipment for your club.  Licensees will recieve discounts on PTbenches and mobile products!  We also offer wholesale pricing programs for clubs interested in reselling products to their members (making the adoption of the class a win-win)!  All players feel free to purchase tennis training equipment for your home or for travel (keep in your tennis bag) on our SHOP page!  Contact us direction for a demo of our products and class!                                        309-838-2566

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