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        The PTbench itself is very mobile.  The machine rolls from room to room, or on and off a court or track easily.  The PTbench also fits in most SUV's/Vans for easy transport for trainers and coaches on the go.  However, we wanted a supplement product line that trainers, therapists, coaches, and individuals could use pretty much anywhere!  While not as ideal as simply connecting the bands to one of the 86 connector holes found on the PTbench, we found that using our ankle straps as "PT-anchors" worked pretty well!  Simply connect a strap to a pole, post, pillar, or any STATIONARY piece of equipment and connect your band to the ring on the strap!  Please choose your anchor locations carefully!  Often times you don't even need a strap, simply connect the carabiner (from the PT-Band) direclty to a fence!  Our mobile packages work great for;

-Pre tennis match warm-ups on the net posts or full workouts!

-Baseball/Softball field workouts.

-Road trip workouts.

-Workouts in the gym (anchoring PT-Bands to other machines).

-Physical therapy clinics (anchoring PT-Bands to other machines).

-Home workouts where there is a safe spot to anchor.

-Partner Anchor Training.  Where one partner holds a static move while the other performs repetitions.


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